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Youth Ensembles

2022-2023 – Registration Now Open!

We are now accepting registration for the 2022-23 academic year. Classes will begin on Sept 10, 2022. See Enrollment Instructions Here 

Who Can Enroll?

We accept middle- and high-school music students who are able to play all 12 major scales. Vocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged to enroll.

See Enrollment Instructions Here

What’s Included?

Students are placed in small combos of seven or eight students and rehearse weekly. Every conservatory student will have an opportunity to play in at least one Wednesday-evening concert feature in The Young Lions Series at Panama 66 and at our All-Ensembles Recitals. In addition, some conservatory combos will have the opportunity to perform at Jazz @ the Jacobs, Adams Avenue Street Fair, KSDS Jazz Live Series, and festivals throughout the state.

Ensemble classes for middle and high school students. Widely known as one of the most prestigious jazz education programs on the West Coast, YLJC has small ensembles for every skill level as well as a big band.
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