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In the News: Thanks for the Write-up, Ken-Tal News!

From Ken-Tal News, August 15, 2017 in SDMusicScene: August 20, "Castellanos Fundraiser for Young Musicians"

There can be no doubt that trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos is one of the most important musicians to ever call San Diego home. Beyond his great gigs and session work, Castellanos has made it his life's work to introduce jazz to younger audiences, while mentoring future generations of performers. On Aug. 20, Castellanos will host a fundraiser for his new program, The Jazz Lions Conservatory at the Handlery Hotel. Starting at 2 p.m. a legion of legendary artists including Mike Wofford, Marshall Hawkins, Tommy Aros and more will take the stage with young musicians to promote this wonderful new educational opportunity. If you are a fan of jazz, this event promises to be one of the year's highlights.

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