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YLJC Students Named to Next Generation Jazz Orchestra

Updated: May 15, 2023

Congratulations to Nick Caldwell and Ethan Fairclough for being awarded seats in the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra (NGJO) as part of the Monterey Jazz Festival Education program. Nick Caldwell (tenor sax) has been awarded this position for four consecutive years (quite an achievement!) and Ethan Fairclough will take the bass chair in this year's big band. Both Nick and Ethan are members of YLJC New Soil Ensemble.

Twenty of the most talented high school jazz musicians from across the country are selected by the Monterey Jazz Festival Education staff to participate in the NGJO which was established in 1971. The program concludes with a performance on the main stage of the Monterey Festival in September with Artist-In-Residence Lakecia Benjamin. Grammy nominated pianist and composer Gerald Clayton will direct the 2023 large ensemble.

Below is a clip of Nick Caldwell soloing with the 2022 Next Gen Jazz Orchestra.

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